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Honeywell Lyric™ Thermostat

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The Lyric thermostat is ideal for customers who are always on the go and want optimal comfort and savings they don’t have to think about. Instead of operating on a fixed schedule, Lyric uses their smartphone location to automatically adjust the temperature as they come and go – delivering comfort when they’re home and savings when they’re away. It’s the next generation of connectivity, from the home comfort leader.

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Many are wondering, “should I purchase the Nest of the Lyric?” It’s a great question. The Nest Learning Thermostat has grown in popularity due to its unique design, and remote ties to Apple.

Honeywell’s case against the Nest is that by tracking motion from a single point in the home, Nest doesn’t get an accurate idea of actual occupancy. Lyric uses “geofencing” which tracks when one (or more) householder’s smartphones move in or out of a pre-configured zone around the home. This can be a few hundred feet, or a few miles.

Both stats are very similar in pricing, and have bells and whistles like sending you energy reports, etc.

A big difference between the two: the Lyric boasts a 5-year warranty compared to the 2-year warranty from Nest.

Detailed Specifications
  • App based install – Everything from install to Wi-Fi connection happens in four easy steps using the mobile app – no manual necessary
  • Geofencing uses a homeowner’s smartphone location to automatically save energy when they’re away and ensure comfort when they return home
  • The Smart Cues feature delivers messages to a homeowner’s mobile device to alert of upcoming filter changes or extreme temperatures
  • The Fine Tune feature considers both humidity and temperature to adjust the setting so that a homeowner’s desired temperature always feels the same.
  • Shortcuts are buttons on the app interface that can be customized for quick changes of temperature settings for specific purposes. This allows homeowner’s to change settings with one touch.
  • Does not work with electric baseboard heat (110 V or higher)
  • Compatible with most other heating, cooling and heat pump systems
  • Optional 24 VAC power (“C” wire)
  • 5 Year Warranty

Honeywell® Documents
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