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A/C Equipment Repair The Woodlands Texas

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Have you ever come home from work and rushed inside only to be met with air that feels like an oven? When there’s an air conditioner problem on a hot Texas summer day, it doesn’t take long for a home to heat up. AIRFIX LLC is here to keep you cool regardless of the weather outside. We’re fast and accurate in our repairs, and we’ve been serving The Woodlands area for over 15 years!

Air Conditioning Done Right

Way too many homeowners suffer at the hands of inexperienced contractors. Air conditioning systems are complex, and must be installed, maintained and repaired the right way. Imagine purchasing a top-of-the-line truck, but then taking it to a mechanic who just started working on cars. Do you think everything would be done correctly? Would you trust a new tech with your investment? A/C equipment repair The Woodlands Texas… if you want it done right, along with your system and comfort protected, we recommend relying on AIRFIX LLC for the job!

A Company Set Apart

A lot of companies say a lot of things, but what do they really stand for? What do we stand for? We stand for you, and you’ll notice this day in and day out dedication from the first time you all us. We know nobody likes to spend money on a broken air conditioner, so we help by properly diagnosing problems, and helping you stretch your hard earned dollars the right way so you’re not eating into the vacation fund. Call AIRFIX and be treated right!

A/C Equipment Repair The Woodlands Texas
Innovation The Woodlands


Sure, innovative is a word usually reserved for the latest automobile or tablet computer. But now heating and air has stepped into the modern world of innovative products. Take the Honeywell Lyric™ thermostat for example. It uses geofencing technology to know when you’re on your way home. It can sense you up to 7 miles away! And that’s just the beginning. Setup an estimate and we’ll give you the scoop on the right comfort solution for you.

A Healthier Home The Woodlands

A Healthier Home

Everyone wants to live healthier right? Did you know your home could be full of toxins with no way out during a hot summer season? It’s true. Newer beds, carpets, paints and housecleaning products (to name a few) release poisons into the air. In addition, molds, viruses and bacteria can also become airborne. We offer indoor air quality equipment that will put an end to the indoor air pollution that could be plaguing your family.

The Woodlands Heating The Woodlands

The Woodlands Heating

An important part of our equipment repair service for The Woodlands is of course repairing furnaces. A gas furnace doesn’t just work in the winter, but it works year round because the air conditioner relies on the fan motor in the furnace to circulate air for conditioning. We service and maintain all makes and models of gas furnaces, and we offer equipment from leading manufactures when you’re looking for quieter comfort.

Ducting The Woodlands


What would the finest equipment be without proper ducting? Pretty useless. It would be like owning a brand new Chevy, Ford or Dodge but not having any gasoline or diesel. We do custom ductwork design and installation, and we also repair leaky ducts so your heating and air bill is where is should be. Many Texas homes lose 20-30% of their efficiency due to duct problems. This also overworks your system…call today to learn more!

A/C Equipment Repair The Woodlands Texas — Trust the experience and service of a company dedicated to enhancing the comfort of your home. Our work is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Thanks for considering AIRFIX LLC for your home’s comfort needs. We’ll be sure to impress you…just give us a call today!

A/C Equipment Repair The Woodlands Texas

Serving The Woodlands, TX for over 15 years.
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