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Welcome to another hot and humid Texas summer. We love our state, but a cool home is a must for making it through the summer months. AIRFIX LLC is a family-owned Spring Texas air conditioning company offering tune-ups, repair, replacement and installation services. For over 15 years we’ve been known for honest dealings, fair pricing and top-notch service.

AC Repair Spring TX – Work Done Right

There are a lot of air conditioning companies in the area, so why choose AIRFIX? For starters, we’re highly experienced. Secondly, we are completely committed to the well-being of our customers. That means that we do right by our customers in every area of business. From the moment you first speak to us, to the knock on your door when our technician arrives, you’ll have a very pleasant experience. We know repairs are not the favorite topic of anyone, but our smile and honest work will make it better…we promise!

Comfort Designed For You

We offer a lot more than AC repair for Spring, TX. We’re experts at designing, sizing and installing heating and air conditioning systems that meet the exact needs of our customers.We source equipment from multiple manufacturers instead of forcing you to choose our favorite, and we design a system right so that your investment is protected. The finest equipment installed the wrong way will fail. With AIRFIX, you’ll receive the best of both worlds!

AC Repair Spring TX
Perfection Realized Spring

Perfection Realized

Improper installation will cause problems that affect performance, efficiency and reliability. Everything from the ducting to the equipment must be designed right and working together. Imagine calling up Chevrolet and ordering all of the parts that go into one of their premium trucks, but then hiring a brand new mechanic to build the vehicle. Would your new “Chevy” run well? AIRFIX does it right.

Take A Deep Breath Spring

Take A Deep Breath

AC repair Spring TX is just where we begin. In addition to air conditioning tune-ups and installations, we also can care for the quality of air in your home. You see, during a hot Texas summer, your windows are shut tightly right? Well this creates air quality problems as toxins from everyday products are released into the air, along with bacteria, mold and viruses. We can transform the air you breathe.

Solid Foundations Spring

Solid Foundations

In order to offer some of the finest heating and air conditioning solutions in the area, we build on the foundation of equipment from industry leading manufacturers like Bryant, Trane, Honeywell and more. As a company, we rest well at night knowing our customers have the right equipment to meet their specific needs. Call AIRFIX today for a free in-home estimate and learn more about modern HVAC!

The Missing Link Spring

The Missing Link

You can have a top-of-the-line Bryant, Carrier or Trane system, but then burn money every month if your ducting isn’t installed correctly. Many homes lose a lot of energy due to poor ductwork design and/or leaky ducts. In fact, some homes zap up to 30% of their efficiency because of ducting issues, and that’s not even covering insulation problems. We can help you have a more efficient home.

AC Repair Spring TX — We’re happy you found us online, and we really hope you’ll consider AIRFIX LLC for all of your home comfort needs. We’re the place were knowledge, service, advice and pricing all meet to create the best heating and air solutions for your home, efficiency goals and budget. AIRFIX is ready to enhance the quality of your indoor comfort…call us today!

AC Repair Spring TX

Serving Spring, TX for over 15 years.
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