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How Cold Indoor Temperatures Can Harm Your Health

January 30, 2015



Although the recommended room temperature during winter should be 64 degrees Fahrenheit during winter and other cold seasons, most people’s homes have a relatively lower room temperature than this. Many people live this way simply because they care less, or because their heating and ventilation appliances aren’t functioning properly. A malfunctioning HVAC system can cause temperatures to drop below the recommended degree, thus exposing all those living in the same to cold and problems that come with the same.





Health Problems Caused By Low Indoor Temperatures


Respiratory Problems: Low or fluctuating room temperatures cause moisture levels in the house to increase, creating a perfect environment for molds to grow. Lack of ventilation due to malfunctioning air conditioner, moisture and low temperatures cause molds to multiply quickly spreading to all rooms in the house. Molds release spores into the air, which when inhaled pose a major respiratory health risk. Ensuring the ventilation system is functioning properly can however help contain this problem.


Arthritis Pain – Low temperatures pose a major risk for arthritis patients. Scientific research shows that, a drop in temperature below 24 degrees is harmful as it causes nerves to expand, as well as cause tissues and ligaments to expand. This inflicts excruciating pain on arthritis patients. Setting your HVAC to the recommended temperatures can however help ease the pains.


Insomnia – Most people find it hard to sleep when it is too cold. Lack of sleep leads to poor performance at work, and affects ones judgment as well. Many will look for extra blankets and pajamas to keep their bodies warm, and only then do they find sleep. Adjusting the room heater to a higher temperature can however help solve the problem. Nevertheless, a faulty heater won’t be able to keep the temperatures at the set temperatures for long, and will eventually break down after some time. The only ways to solve this is by having the heater repaired by a certified technician, or have a new one installed.


How To Deal With Extremely Cold Indoor Temperatures


1. Ensure all HVAC appliances are well maintained


Just like your car, all AC appliances should be serviced at least once in every 2 months. It’s only by doing this that any broken parts can be identified and repaired or replaced. Although some problems are easy to repair, it would be advisable to look for a certified HVAC repair technician within Woodlands to service and repair the appliances.


2. Replace old systems:


If the central heating system is more than 15 years old, then chances are it is in its last legs. Consider having this replaced with a more efficient energy-star rated system. Finding the most appropriate one to use can be intimidating for many, which is the reason you might want to consult with AC technicians. These professionals should be able to advice you accordingly on the best choice for your house, based on size and application.


Never freeze out again just because the AC systems aren’t working as they should. Look for a company offering AC services in woodlands for repairs and regular maintenance. Doing this will eliminate any chances of the central heater breaking down again, thus safeguarding your health.

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