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Has it happened to you before? It’s a sweltering hot summer day, and you just arrived home from work, school or play. You make a mad dash to the front door, pull it open and BOOM…you’re hit with a wave of hot air. No!

Days like these are not fun days, but AIRFIX is the bright spot on the horizon. We’ve been fixing, maintaining and installing top-quality air conditioning systems in the Conroe area for over 15 years. AIRFIX LLC is a Conroe air conditioning repair company you can trust for honest, quality work.

A Conroe AC Repair Company Set Apart

Many people fear calling a new air conditioning repair company, and for good reason. Many technicians are inexperienced and often make poor judgement calls when repairing a system. AC problems can come from many things, but they often share the same symptoms. AIRFIX will accurately diagnose the true source of a problem, and give you the right advice on repair.

Avoid Breakdowns With Maintenance

Do you want to avoid the need for a premature Conroe air conditioning repair call? We recommend seasonal maintenance on your system. This helps keep your system efficient and reliable, and it also helps us catch some problems before they become an emergency. Heating and air systems that are not maintained cost more to run, and end up not lasting as long.

Conroe Air Conditioning Repair
Air Conditioner Replacement Conroe

Air Conditioner Replacement

AIRFIX LLC is a company who does work according to industry standards and factory specifications. Did you know that even top-quality air conditioners and related equipment will have problems if not installed the right way? We not only offer industry leading air conditioners and heat pumps, but we install them the right way and protect your investment.

Ductwork Design Conroe

Ductwork Design

Many homes lose large amounts of energy each month due to poor ducting and/or initial design and installation. Don’t invest your valuable money on a quality heating and air system only to lose efficiency and performance on poor ducting. We can repair and replace ducting so your home is more comfortable for less money spent! We also offer installation for new construction.

Heat Pump Repairs Conroe

Heat Pump Repairs

In addition to Conroe air conditioning repair, we also service related equipment including heat pumps, air handlers (fan coils), furnaces, thermostats and packaged systems. Our experience and technical expertise means we are quit to figure out a problem, and we get your system up and running again in no time. Call us for service you can trust, and comfort that endures our hot Texas weather!

The Unseen Enemy Conroe

The Unseen Enemy

You might be shocked to find out what toxins and other pollutants are trapped inside your home. But it happens to the best of us, and has very little to do with the cleanliness of your home, In fact, a cleaner home might have more pollution due to the toxins released by major brands of cleaning products. We have the solution to indoor air problems, and it lies in IAQ products that integrate into your system.

We’re very happy you found us online, and we hope you’ll consider us for any of your home comfort needs. We’re a Conroe Texas air conditioning repair company known for honest advice, fast response and quality work!

Conroe Air Conditioning Repair

Serving Conroe, TX for over 15 years.
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