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Gas Furnaces

A gas furnace is very important for not just our limited cold weather, but for those hot summer days too. Why? Because the fan motor in a furnace is what the air conditioner uses to pull warm air from the home, and conditioned it in the chilled coil (filled with cold refrigerant from the air conditioner).

So what do you need to know about a furnace? Well, there are a few options that make them able to offer better comfort and higher efficiency. Modulating flames adjust at tiny increments for more efficient fuel use. Condensing technology also utilizes fuel energy better. But here’s a big one for our hot summer days: variable speed fan motors. Variable speed fans not only offer better comfort, but they’re quiet. No more turning up the UT game when the heating and air kicks on (If you’re an Aggie, variable speed will benefit your games too).

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The Woodlands Gas Furnaces Installation
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