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Heat Pumps

A heat pump looks just like an air conditioner, and they function like one too. So what’s the difference? A heat pump is also able to heat your home by reversing the cooling process, and moving heat energy from outside, inside during the winter months.

For most homes, a natural gas powered furnace is the ticket, but for home without gas hookups, a heat pump is a great solution. Heat pumps can also be combined with a gas furnace for hybrid heating. This is a viable option for rural areas that don’t have access to natural gas, as a hybrid heating system can cost less to run than heating from propane only.

AIRFIX LLC offers The Woodlands air conditioning and heating solutions including repair, maintenance and new system installations. We’ve been serving The Woodlands for over 15 years, and we’re known for honest advice and top quality work!

The Woodlands Heat Pumps Installation
A few of the heat pumps we offer (call us for more):
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