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Staying cool during a Texas summer is no easy task! But at least we have our cool homes to retreat to. However, sometimes under the brutal summer heat, an older air conditioner or heat pump will cough and sputter for the last time. Who do you call for AC repair or replacement in Magnolia, TX? You cal AIRFIX LLC.

A Company You Can Trust

Way too many Magnolia homeowners spend more money than they need to on their air conditioning system. Why? Because many cooling problems have similar symptoms, and often an inexperienced technician will make the wrong call. We’ve even heard of homeowners replacing their air conditioner only to find out the problem was the indoor coil! When you call AIRFIX LLC you can rest assured that we will accurately diagnose the problem, and protect your time and money.

Keep Things Reliable and Efficient

If you want to avoid the need for an emergency Magnolia AC repair call, then maintenance is the answer. Your outdoor and indoor equipment needs seasonal attention to ensure efficient, reliable service. Plus, maintenance allows us to catch potential problems before they turn into emergencies. We service all makes and models of gas and electric equipment.

Magnolia AC Repair
Schedule a Tune-Up Magnolia

Schedule a Tune-Up

You’re probably thinking, “You just talked about this above.” And you’re right — we did. But we can’t stress the importance of tune-ups enough. Imagine what would happen if you quit taking your car or truck in for an oil change…would it die right away? Nope. It would continue running for quite awhile, but you’d be cutting its life short. Let us help protect your heating and air conditioning investment.

Any Make & Model Magnolia

Any Make & Model

We’re a Magnolia AC repair company who has the experience required to service any make and model of equipment. When you call AIRFIX out for a service call, we properly inspect your system and lay out your best options. Sometimes the repair is an easy piece of electronics. Sometimes there is a refrigerant leak. Sometimes a bad compressor. We’ll do the job right and protect your time and your wallet.

It's All About Airflow Magnolia

It's All About Airflow

The finest heating and air conditioning equipment will not perform well if your ducting isn’t installed correctly. Poor airflow hurts comfort, efficiency and system life. We have the knowledge required to install and repair ducting the right way. Call AIRFIX LLC to learn more about our ductwork installation services. Invest your money wisely with the right comfort system design for your specific home and needs!

Heating & Air Quality Magnolia

Heating & Air Quality

Yes, we’re a Magnolia AC repair company who knows air conditioning inside and out. But it doesn’t stop there! We’re experts at heating systems and indoor air quality solutions too. From gas furnaces to heat pumps to hybrid heating systems to ventilators, humidifiers, UV lamps and electronic air cleaners that create a healthier home. Basically, if it has to do with comfort control, we’re the company to call!

Home is where the heart is right? So home had better be comfortable. AIRFIX LLC is a Magnolia AC repair company that provides top quality work backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will love the day you first gave us a call! We guarantee it. Thanks for your interest in our company.

Magnolia AC Repair

Serving Magnolia, TX for over 15 years.
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