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The Woodlands AC Pre-Service Check List

AC Repair In The Woodlands:A Pre-Service Checklist


If the summer heats starts scorching you up and you discover that your Air Conditioner is not functioning properly, the first thing you would probably do is call an AC repair company. The fact hover remains that AC problems do not develop overnight. They gradually build up as time goes by. That is why it is so important to keep checking your AC system often. When going through the AC checklist the Woodlands has many professionals you can use for AC repairs, such as those found on





The following should comprise your AC checklist:


Defects With The Compressor


The compressor is sometimes damaged or burnt because of regular use. It is also possible that what you are dealing with a faulty start capacitor. In case you are facing any such problem, the best way to deal with it is to take it to an authorized AC repair company. In the Woodlands, you can find an authorized repair company online by visiting




There are two possible issues when it comes to leakage:


1. The leakage could be because of faulty installation. This is usually the case if during welding there was a blaze weld or because of the vacuum hose not having been installed properly.


2. The AC uses Freon that come pre-installed within the unit that travels through an expansion valve. Once the Freon evaporates, it turns into a cold gas that helps make the air cooler. If this gas leaks, the capacity of the AC system to cool diminishes. The leakage of this gas could be because of many reasons. Sometimes it is due to a clogged drain, having a rusty evaporator coil pan, or the conditioner unit might be frozen.


Tripped Breaker


Having a tripped breaker will prevent you from powering your AC machine on and power surges are normally the main cause for such a problem.


Prevention is always better than cure and that is why it is so important that you maintain your AC to the best of your ability. However, when the inevitable happens and your AC breaks down, it is time to call in professionals to come repair it. At, you will find professionals to come help you with your AC repairs. The company is based in the Woodlands. They not only will help you bring down your cooling bills but they also provide you with quality emergency service every single day of the week.

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