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Repair Or Upgrade? How To Tell Which Is Right For You


When it comes to heating and cooling in our homes, we often fear spending too much money. We know how important it is to keep a good temperature in our homes throughout the year, but it’s no secret that such machines and other equipment have a tendency to break down. Sometimes we are moving into a new home as well, or we have something that breaks down so often that we know we must replace it. More costs come in this way too.




Just thinking about repairing or upgrading our heaters, furnaces, air-conditioning systems, and other things can give us hives. What we fear even more is making a bad decision. Perhaps we keep putting a Band-Aid on a problem when we should be upgrading the entire system to begin with. In the long run this costs us more money.


So how can you tell when it’s time to repair or upgrade? Consider the questions below.


How Old Is The System?


The older your system is, the more likely it is to constantly break down or even cost you money in the form of your utilities bill. This is because older systems rely on outdated technology and were not made to age very well. This means that they use up more energy than they produce, and are probably just two breakdowns away from completely going kaput.


How Often Does It Need Repairs?


Even if you have an older system, if it gets a lot of use and you’re generally happy with it, then you probably don’t need to upgrade it yet. This is also true if it does not need many repairs over the years. One or two repairs in the span of decades is usually a good sign that things are working well. On the other hand, if you’re having to call a technician every single year to fix something, then you’re really wasting your money. You would be better off simply upgrading your system.


Is It A Safety Hazard?


Today’s newer models are relatively safe, assuming that they are installed correctly. Older models cannot only harm your home in the form of breaking down and causing electrical issues or even gas leaks, but also by causing deterioration to the rest of your house. Old furnaces have been known to not only leak and cause fires, but to also put unneeded stress on the foundations of homes. Newer models tend to be lighter and can be made to fit in the space provided.


It’s important to realize that spending more money now on an upgrade can save you thousands over the next few years in repairs and utility costs. However, if you think a repair is the right answer for you right now, that’s okay too. Our goal is to help you make the informed decision that will help your home and your family. Give us a call today to tell us your unique situation in The Woodlands so we can give you more detailed advice.

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